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The earthly journey of a man is nothing, but a catalyst, a vehicle for the Divine Soul´s expansion and has little meaning in itself.

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Daniel is an exceptional, evidential medium,
a powerful healer and a dedicated guide,
gently opening the mind of his friends
towards the reality of their own spiritual truth.

He commenced his journey consciuosly in the year 1984, entering the world of

Zazen, Aikido and Iaido. Exercising these disciplines daily for many years

gave him the necessary foundations for the life that lay ahead of him.

After the tragic and premature passing of his mother, who left this world

in his very own arms, he was introduced to British Spiritualism in 1992

and immediately started to study this practice under teachers like

Marjorie Kite and many others, who were regularly visiting his home

Bavaria during that period.


1997 he travelled to England for the first time to experience the wonderful faces of that religion in situ. Places like the Spiritual Association of Great Britain, the London Spiritual Mission and the Arthur Findlay College, as well as the private circles he was invited to,

did bestow him with unforgettable memories of mental mediumship, physical phenomena

and deep personal transformation, guided by Spirit and provided by spiritualism.

Many visits followed during the next decades and he had the honour to be taught by some of the finest teachers in the field. He is extremely grateful to all these wonderful persons who contributed a great deal to the development of his own mediumship and the understanding of the Spirit World, the way it is seen in this specific environment.


His interests in the roots of our art led him quite naturally towards shamanism, resulting in prolonged stays in Huancabamba, Peru the center of the north-peruvian, traditional shamanic culture and on Vancouver Island, Canada, where he was able to befriend an elder of the Nuu-Chah-Nulth, who invited him to work as a healer in Ahousat. In both occasions he participated in numerous, traditional rituals and spiritual practices and learned about the indigenous, spiritual customs and systems first hand from the curanderos, shamans, rain forests, wild animals and nature spirits themselves, experiencing encounters way beyond the imagination of the white, western mind set. Seeing the hardships and problems of the native community, sharing their tears, dreams and hopes made it very clear to him, what spiritual traditions really are about.


Daniel also engaged deeply in the esoteric pathways of the european past,

which culminated in the complete and detailed performance

of the famous Abramelin ritual all on his own,

yet another of the many strong and life changing events,

that are shaping his spiritual growth and personal presentation.

The lifelong study of Western Astrology is considered by him to be a necessary,

basic tool for understanding some of life´s natural influences on us and

to integrate ourselves in a more conscious manner.


Since the eastern traditions captured his interest early on he studied a rigorous method of Hatha Yoga for some years, which had profound psychological and physical effects, improving his ability to work as a conduit for the higher purpose of life.

Tibetan Buddhism was approached by him in Germany, France, the USA

and India, spending time in retreat centers, scanning the rituals and

incorporating the results of these encounters in the fabric of his mind.

Once in New York City he even had a face to face encounter  with

the Nechung Oracle himself and his phurba of Padmasambava,

which of course left a lasting impression on him.

Currently training the Chinese Inner Arts of Dao Yin, Qi Gong and Nei Gong he continues his studies, unifying body, mind, spirit and soul and certainly does not stop there.

This wide range of mystical, spiritual and personal experiences and awakenings created a complex, energetic density as well as  a profound understanding, paving the way for a clear integration of the Spiritual Power and thereby forming a unique, but entirely traditional approach to healing, teaching and uniting.

Daniel is a true expression of humanity´s spiritual destiny

and a strong connection to the Spirit World.

He offers his services in the most humble way and wishes only

to serve the Spiritual Power, as the Power is serving us.

Students, clients, patients and friends are equally amazed

by the depth of the healing and the progress

his connections are able to generate in their lives.

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