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This two-day workshop provides a solid foundation in the theory and practice of psychic protection in evidential and spiritual mediumship. It is designed for serious mediums, who thrive to deepen their connection to the Spirit World, in order to consolidate our service to humanity.

We will learn clear and concise practices and techniques to protect and empower ourselves and our loved ones, that are to be trained and used.

We will recieve clear information why and what we need to protect us from

and all the including implications.

We will work closely and consciously linked to our friends in the Spirit World.


Topics include:


Reasons for protection

Techniques of protection

Ways to connect to sources of help and power

Ways to enhance our life and our spiritual energy

Development of awareness, discipline, discernment and honesty

Widening the view and the links



Saturday the 1st of april

4pm BST/11am EDT

Duration: 4 hours + breaks


Sunday the 2nd of april

4pm BST/11am EDT

Duration: 4 hours + breaks


The cost is 90 Euros.

Video recordings will be

available to the participants.

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