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Personal Services:

Evidential Mediumship Readings


In a mediumistic reading Daniel establishes a connection

with the Spirit World and is then approached by a specific

person, who is close to the client and has already left our

physical dimension behind. He will recieve more or less precise

information, thereby giving a description of the communicator,

which must be clearly recognized and confirmed by the client.

Only then will the contact be considered successful and the

communicator´s messages and opinions will be conveyed.

Although it is possible, to call upon a certain person whom

the client wishes to contact, no guarantee can be given

that this will actually happen. Quite often other relatives

or friends than the desired ones will appear and offer

their support and love. In this case the session is clearly

regarded as successful as well, since clear prove of survival

has been given and the connection between the client

and the Spirit World has been deepened.



Trance Healing Sessions


During a trance healing Daniel goes into an altered state

of consciousness, which enables the Spirit World to channel

powerful healing powers through his auric field into the patient's

auric field. The patient's inner conditions are thus brought into

harmony with the aspirations of her Soul and, thereby, support

her own unavoidable efforts to heal and harmonize her life

in a sustainable way.



Psychic Readings


Rather than connecting with the personal desires,

Daniel tunes into the different layers of the client´s destiny

during a psychic reading and provides information

on how to view specific situations in this regard.

His focus is on understandable, practical actions,

that will benefit your concerns.






Astrological Counselling


Daniel´s astrology offers deep and clear insights into

the backgrounds and underlying causes of our character

and life and fundamentally improves the understanding

of our relationships with the environment.

The unfolding dynamics of every event and every life

fully contained in the moment it is started. One of the most

fascinating features of astrology is therefore the determination

of suitable time qualities for specific projects or events in the future

or the understanding of events in the past.

Since the outer and inner aspects of our life develop on the basis

of clearly defined, astrologically determinable times, the astrology of Daniel

offers a practical and extremely helpful tool to recognize these developments,

in order to understand and utilize all the inherent possibilities.

Daniel creates personal horoscopes, relationship horoscopes,

event horoscopes and future forecasts.

Consultations in person in Madrid, Spain

or through a Zoom Video connection.

For more detailed information, on how to adress your individual situation, please feel free to contact me.

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