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Spiritual Mediumship Wisdom Practice is a way of unfoldment.

Based on the teachings of the Spirit World and the close connection to Higher Beings

and higher planes of existence, one is able to transform the

identification with the personality and shift the awareness to

a state of being Spirit, rather than being physical.

Of being part of a multidimensional group, rather than feeling like a seperate individual.

Of contributing to the development of many lives, on many different planes,

much more than a human mind can ever imagine.

This requires many years of constant work on the mediumship abilities, as well as on the personal life style.

Evidential Mediumship is here the first and necessary step

towards an understanding of the vast reality of life.


Getting to know your guides or friends in the Spirit World is another, unavoidable connection, that makes us realize our belonging to a wider consciousness, composed of many Spirits willpower and love. We have to be able to understand their support

and receive their teachings in a most conscious way in order

to integrate them into our life the best way possible.


Since the communication with the Spirit World is carried out by our Soul,

not our mind, we are constantly given the opportunity to deepen the 

identification with our Real Self, our incarnated Soul.

This deepening is the root of the transformative power

for the Spiritual Medium and is to be sought after continously.


And blending with our Higher Soul, the direct source of our personal, incarnated Soul

will be a complete change of awareness, allowing us to discover a living energy,

comprising many live forms, of which we are but one, as well as all.

A living entity we can express, a living intention, that has brought us here,

for reasons we do not have to understand.

Rather we have to live.


Living according to the love of the Soul is not an option, but our natural state of being.

Although the human race decides to cut itself off the immense sources of Light,

during the first step of it´s existence in the physical dimension of this planet,

evidential mediumship teaches us the harmony and justice,

human life is build upon.


And becoming more aware of the Souls intention,

during the physical part of human existence

is indeed an option and a choice

and has always been considered

humanity´s most noble goal.


Spiritual Mediumship Wisdom Practice

is one of the many different, traditional ways,

aiming at that goal.

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